MS Paint IDE over the past few years has amassed many features, despite having most of the internals rewritten in 3.0.0. More are to come, and feature/language suggestions are welcome in the form of issues on the repo. Currently, the primary features of the IDE are:

  • Can read, parse, and highlight code from purely image files
  • Finding and replacing of text from image files (wiki)
  • Supports Java, Python, JavaScript, and Go, with many more planned (wiki)
    • Includes LSP support alongside a very simple language API to add custom languages (wiki)
  • Git tools, to create and manage your project in Git from within the IDE (wiki)
  • Google Assistant support (wiki)
  • Right-click context menu to open and edit ANY text file in an MS Paint instance (wiki)
  • Integrated buttons within MS Paint (No program modifications) to do basic IDE tasks (wiki)
  • Native installer for easy usage
  • Automatic Discord RPC support
  • IDE theming via CSS files (wiki)
  • Program and compiler outputs as image logs

Planned Features

MS Paint IDE is rapidly growing, with many planned features along the way. The following are just a few of the planned features for the IDE.

  • Gradle/maven support
  • Improving PaintInjector to provide with an image modification API
    • Live debugging with line highlights from MS Paint
    • Autocompletition
  • Auto updater/checker
  • Acquire JetBrains